The P100D is the fastest ever variant of the Tesla Model S, here we see Drag Times attempt to verify the 0.60mph time of 2.5 seconds. When testing day came they were faced with the small issue of mother-nature and the fact that she decided to make it rain on the day.

Not to be put off the nice people at Drag Times decided to give it at go anyway, the results are amazing to say the least, 0-60mph in the wet, 2.72 seconds, this is just two tenths off the official 0-60 time quoted by Tesla themselves. Watching the footage you can see there is no drama, no wheel spin at all from the rear, just take off and, boom, 60mph.
In fact I have to go as far and say as that the P100D made it look rather easy for the timed run, even in the wet, staggeringly impressive.