A single image of the interior of Tesla’s upcoming Model 3 appeared briefly on Instagram over the weekend, now the gods of Instagram have made it disappear as if nothing ever happened.

Thankfully the internet has a way of remembering such things, this image, originally posted via Richard Hennessey who’s Instagram account is now deleted, the shot appears to show a very Spartan interior for the Model 3, featuring, well nothing at all really aside from the massive screen.

Tesla Model 3 interior
Back by popular demand, thanks to the Internet…..

There is no confirmation of where the picture was taken, but, it would most likely be within close proximity of the Tesla factory in Fremont, California.

As spartan as a Russian Gulag in here

The image matches up to the Model 3 interior as shown at the live reveal, at this time it’s unknown as to whether this is the final build or Tesla are simply holding out on us. Such a Spartan interior would be a departure for Tesla when you consider the set-up in the Model S and Model X which follows the conventional car route of actually having dials and switches, you know, like the set-up we have all been used to for many years.

We can only speculate if Tesla is trying to set a new trend here by simplifying the traditional car set-up, going there own way and ignoring what has gone before, given that they are leading the way in electric car tech leaving the Detroit big-guns trailing in their wake, maybe the world needs a company like Tesla to shake things up a bit when it comes to how a traditional car should be designed.

The one thing that does strike me about this set-up is that, has this not been done before by car-makers in concept cars, in another time known as 1970, Lancia tried something similar with the hideous Stratos Zero concept, the Zero was unveiled at the Turin Motor Show, avert your eyes if you’re easily upset, here is the so-called dashboard:

Lancia Stratos Zero Bertone Interior
The possible result of some illegal substance use?

Whatever Tesla chose to do with the Model 3, leaks like this will continue to build the hype surrounding the car which the world is awaiting with baited breath, why is it not released yet………..