Welcome to it’s Totally F**king F**ked, today’s candidate is an unfortunate Audi RS6-R ABT that appears to be a 3-wheel drive now.

The three-legged RS6-R ABT was sighted by instagrammer tim.spot in Camden Town, London, no news on how the hell this happened but I can only assume it’s either an attempt at stance (whatever that is) or simply the driver couldn’t hack all that power even with the highly sophisticated all-wheel drive system.

Even with the number plate of ‘SCUII’, assuming this is meant to say ‘SCUM’ this poor innocent RS6 couldn’t be saved from its owner and the 730bhp of destruction that lies beneath that bonnet.

Looks Totally F**king F**ked to me.

Here is what an Audi RS6-R ABT should look and operate like with a full roster of working wheels:

audi-rs6-r audi-rs6-r 2