When planning your survival for the inevitable Zombie apocalypse a Ford F-Series superduty pick up truck may not be very suitable for your needs. For one I can see the load space filling up with the ravenous undead quicker than you say ‘zombie snack attack’.


Don’t worry however as USSV has got you covered to prevent you becoming a dead mindless cannibals next meal, I give the USSV Rhino:


I mean just look at the freaking thing. It has plenty of ground clearance for skipping over the undead hordes while your trying safely navigate your route to a safehaven.


Just to put the size of this thing into perspective here it is parked next to a normal SUV in the form of a Ranger Rover:

USSV-Rhino-GX-fotoshowBigImage-a4c1eb91-850509This giant sits 2.26-metre high and 6.10-metre long while running on huge off-road tyres: 38×15.5 R 20 no less. To ensure it can actually move this bulk around it’s powered by a ten-cylinder enginer. This V10 relies on capacity rather than turbo power with a 6.8-litre capacity, the Modular Series engine produced by Ford and outputting an admirable 357 HP, along with 620 Newton metres of torque. The V10 connects to a five-speed automatic fueled by a 151-litre tank which should be enough range for you to get away from the undead.



The only downside of this truck so far as I can see is the complete lack of any armor plating as it’s made entirely from metal only. As a result its lighter and quicker but still has a large presence when out and about. Also means it wont protect you from the biggest threat, other survivors whom will kill you as soon as look at you if the walking dead is to be believed.


Masses of pursuing undead were just out of shot when this photo was taken.

So there you have it the only car you will ever need for when the dead rise and start to feast on the living.

Hat tip to Auto Motor, Sport