After the 2nd choice of the McLaren 675LT we again have another yet limited run lightened supercar, the Ferrari 458 Speciale Aperta.

In this third instalment we have a production run ending Speciale, the Ferrari 458 Speciale Aperta was limited of 499 production models as a final swansong for the 458 model range. The ‘Aperta’ part of the name roughly translated means simply ‘open’ referring to the fact that this Speciale 458 is a drop-top.


The 458 Speciale Aperta retains the 458 Speciale coupe’s 597bhp, 398lb ft V8 and everything else so amazingly quick including the seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox, the E-diff, the magnetorheological (that is a word!) dampers, the latest CCM3 carbon-ceramic brakes and that incredible Side Slip angle Control (SSC) system. The powerplant is also 8kg lighter than it’s the standard car. It’s also heavily reworked with 10mm shorter inlet tracts, higher-lift cams, pistons coated in an F1-derived low-friction finish, a compression ratio ramped up to 14:1 from the standard car’s 12.53:1, which is optimised ignition and injection.

The seven-speed dual-clutch transmission is also even faster at its job, let’s face it the standard one is not exactly a slouch in the gear changing department,  Ferrari claim upshifts are performed 20% faster, and downshifts 44% faster.

The times for this car are as fast as the naming convention, 0-62mph is dispensed with in 3.0 seconds while scampering on to a toupee loosing 199mph overall, no word on if you can have the roof down at this speed but my guess is probably not.

The 458 Speciale stands out from its standard siblings by showing its racetrack credentials with a ‘Speciale’ stripework along the length of the car, in addition to this you get a vast array of complicated electronics along with aerodynamic changes, the most noticeable is the two front centrally mounted two moveable vertical flaps, which sit above a moveable horizontal flap, at speeds below 105mph the vertical flaps remain closed to channel much-needed air to the car’s radiators. The force of all that air pressure at 105mph opens them to reduce the volume of air to radiators and cutting the drag.  At 137mph though the horizontal flap is forced downwards due to the massive air pressure, this trick piece of tech redirects the airflow and moves the downforce towards the rear or the car with an increase of 20 percent. This is very clever stuff indeed.

Inside the 458 Speciale Aperta has no carpets as this has been replaced with finished aluminium panels, the leather is there still and you can choose the colour of that to match your seat accents.

Now Ferrari like McLaren doesn’t list the prices of extras on their website, again along the lines of ‘if you have to ask, you should get out of our dealership peasant’, therefore it’s difficult to ascertain the actual cost of a specced up 458 Speciale Aperta. The base cost, however, is a simple one, £228,682, the assumption is that depending on your choice of colour, interior choice and wheel colour.

Currently, there are only five 458 Speciale Aperta’s available on Autotrader, the cheapest four are left-hand drive, the most expensive has the wheel on the correct side.

Prices start at, wait for it as I hope you’re sitting down, £550,000 to a colossal £795,000. All of these cars are listed as new or nearly new with miles covered listed between 10 to 83 miles driven.

Using the base cost of £228,682 as a marker is the only starting point we have, therefore the percentage increase varies from a staggering 140 to an even more staggering 247 percent increase from the original purchase price.

Just when you thought the trend of rare supercars prices were out of control, along comes to 458 Speciale Aperta to blow everyone else away.

The fourth and final part will follow soon, trust me you’re going to want to sitting down when you read the numbers involved!…….