An amazing film as Henry Catchpole compares a McLaren P1 against the legendary McLaren F1:

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Both cars featured are owned by the same fortunate owner and come in the same shade of blue. In addition as the film reveals that F1 owners were given the chance to purchase the same P1 chassis number as their F1:

The most interesting part about this F1 is that it’s a daily driver with the addition of sat nav, a car of $12 million dollar value that is as rare as flying pigs being used every day!, why is the owner not running for prime minister?.

Enjoy a great flim in the rolling hills of Southern France, I personally would have the F1 just because it looks magnificent with the centered driving position and as its such a thing of legend these days.

What would be your choice P1 or F1?

Photo & Video credit to the mighty Henry Catchpole