Car design can live or die based on how a car looks, a strong part of the way any car looks is its rear wing, make it functional and aggressive looking and you’re onto a winner.

Now, the question, the pick of the best rear wings ever to adorn the back of a car, while these are my personal choices, there were many I had to leave out, the Porsche 911 Ducktail is one such great example, pit this against the Panamera’s Ironman wing and for me there is only one winner.

Ferrari F40

To quote Ferrari, the F40’s full-width rear wing “presented the ultimate eighties power statement”.

There should be no doubt that it looked the part, it was not all for the show, it actually helps the F40 stay planted to the ground at speeds of up to 201mph.

Porsche Panamera Turbo

Now for a slab of engineering genius as found on the Porsche Panamera Turbo, think of Tony Stark and his Iron Man suit with the way this wing deploys.

Consisting of a super slick two-stage deployment system, the wing deploys at 80mph Iron Man style, be honest as if you owned one you’d sit in traffic deploying it just because you could.


The BMW M4 GTS has come in for a bit of flack recently for its huge price difference over the standard car and for the fact that it’s not really very real world friendly.

That work of art attached to the boot is a massive carbon-fiber rear wing that is also adjustable and is attached via two beautiful looking CNC-milled aluminum supports. It also helped the M4 GTS to belt around the Nurburgring in 7 minutes 28 seconds which is very quick indeed.

Plymouth Superbird

The Superbird was developed specifically for NASCAR racing, essentially a modified Road Runner.

The rear wing attached to the car was like nothing ever seen before and was once described as ‘dumb beauty’ by Ryan Carlyle (one of the world’s renowned subsea hydraulics engineers).

As always, this rear wing was not just for show. All that additional height was functional; it allowed the wing to pass through the less disturbed air which increased the efficiency of the downdraft as it pushed down upon the car’s rear axle at speed.

Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth

The final entry and one of the greatest ever wing to be fitted to a car, the Sierra RS Cosworth whale-tail.

Back in the early 1990’s, the RS500 Cosworth whale-tail was one of the iconic wings. If you spotted one from a distance, the reason you knew it was a Cosworth rather than a standard Sierra was that massive wing.

Despite being all shouty and saying look at me, this wing was again functional, it’s alleged that it produced 100kg of downforce at 100mph. This is something I have no doubt that most Cosworth owners tried to prove back in the day.

Do you agree with my choices or have I excluded one that you think is worthy of inclusion, let me know in the comments below.