Jon Olsson has confirmed that he has decided to part ways with his stunning modified Audi RS6 DTM it has been officially confirmed yesterday. The car which most recently seen being driven from Stockholm to Amsterdam on the Gumball 3000 has been sold to Auto Leitner based in The Netherlands.


All we know is that Olsson left his car in Amsterdam with the intention to pick it up in a few weeks post Gumball. However it appears that Olsson was offered a substantial sum of  money to let his project car go and he immediately sold it citing the reasoning that it is can be difficult to move on such a highly modified car and that he simply couldn’t pass on the opportunity to sell.

The car now belongs to Auto Leitner who have appeared online using the 1000bhp car for shopping no less, surely this has to be the worlds fastest shopping cart.


Auto Leitner is based in Alkmaar, The Netherlands and they have had some very rare and exclusive cars in their inventory in recent months. A good example was a 2006 Ferrari Enzo FXX for sale which had never been driven showing only factory miles on the clock, which is pretty darn rare I have to say.

I personally for one cannot wait to see what Olsson buys next and what potential modifications he is going to make, historically he has built some very exciting machines in the form of a Lamborghini and an Audi R8 so get excited for what comes next!.