Drift Mode is a recent Ford invention which was unleashed on the unsuspecting world with the magnificent Focus RS. For the most part, this accidental discovery has been well received by the world, there have been some crashes and Ford may have upset a certain fat, bald Australian idiot but other than that the world has continued as normal without actually ending.

Now, Mercedes have decided to join the party like the guest who turns up late carrying a crate of Sambuca, the next generation E63 will be the receiving a drift mode just in case the thought of 600bhp coming through the rear wheels wasn’t enough.

The drift mode system is a fairly simple if slightly crazed theory, for all-wheel drive cars it will vary the amount of power sent to the rear wheels, allowing you to drift like a hero, it does not turn you into Ken Block or grant you his skills at the press of a button, get it wrong and you will likely will spin at best case, at worst case a massive crash is on the cards.

Followed by a massive accident

The all new E63 will be equipped with all-wheel drive as part of the revised model range, Mercedes have decided to make it feel like it’s rather scary predecessor by giving you the ability to pull massive smoky powerslides at your pleasure, I mean in a car with 345bhp it’s fairly dangerous in the wrong hands, 600bhp though, the world is going to end in a massive pile of crashed and burning E63 AMG’s.

The AMG chairman confirmed  at the Paris motor show during a conversation with Autocar, that a program included in the E63’s standard electronic stability control software, will give you additional torque to the rear wheels allowing you to slide the car, it will be called drift mode.

This strikes me as a slightly odd decision by Mercedes, I mean, you go to all the engineering trouble of switching from rear wheel drive to all-wheel drive to add to the safety and all-weather properties of the car and then you grant drivers the means to slide the thing around will.

Some people idiots will view this mode as certain Focus RS drivers do, at the push of a button you become a driving god, trouble is that it doesn’t, Ford caveat the RS mode with the fact that it will only allow you to drift, you have to know what you’re doing once you get the car sideways, otherwise you will crash upper shiny new E63 AMG into a hungry ditch. I would expect Mercedes to offer the same caveat, although stupid is stupid does is a catch phrase that sums this all up.

Expect to see a pile of E63 AMG’s outside your nearest cars and coffee event soon, likely on fire after driving god mode didn’t work out as expected.