Upon hearing that Richard Hammond was not, in fact, dead the world rejoiced. I mean, can you imagine the Grand Tour without him, Clarkson and May would constantly be separated by May’s slowness and Clarkson’s lack of patience to get on with the film.
Every challenge would be two separate films as the remaining presenters would be moving at vastly differing speeds throughout shooting, every episode would be two hours long with May getting lost and generally dithering a lot.

Fellow Grand Tour Hosts Offer Sympathy

Clarkson being his usual self, showed great concern for his vertically challenged colleague:

Hammond also arose from the dead and had this to say about his ordeal while confirming he was stil alive:

Minor Injuries And No Plans For A Book

The accident happened while the trio were filming season two of the Grand Tour in Mozambique. No further details have emerged aside from the fact that Hammond emerged with an un-bruised left thumb and with much mocking from his taller colleagues. He also confirmed that “I don’t think I can get a book out of it”.

Season two of the Grand Tour is expected in November 2017 so expect this accident to be part of it.

Thankfully Hammond is OK and the trio can continue its constant mocking, bickering and general malarkey around the globe.