The Jaguar XF Sportbrake has been revealed. Well, sort of, this is a picture of the roof of the car that Jaguar has revealed to tease us. The assumption is that at some point they will stop teasing us and show us the rest of it.

XF Sportbrake – It’s Real

Jaguar sent us this picture along with confirmation that the XF Sportbrake is indeed a real thing and that it’s coming soon. No real details can be gleaned from this picture aside from the fact that it comes with a very cool full-length panoramic roof.

Jaguar And Wimbledon

As part of this announcement, Jaguar confirmed that this will be a part of their partnership with the Wimbledon tennis tournament, possibly we can expect the full reveal during this time or not, who knows.

We Can But Only Hope For A V8

Expect the XF Sportbrake to feature the range of engines from its saloon sibling, meaning the usual mix of four-cylinder Ingenium diesel and petrol motors, and a V6 turbodiesel and supercharged petrol V6 being range toppers with two ‘S’ badged versions. Fingers crossed they also give us a Supercharged V8 R Model? We can only hope for that and the fact that one day we can lay eyes on the thing. Here’s to summer arriving quickly for this reason alone.