The recent trend of 360 view cameras has given us some very surreal moments, think Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg playing around with a Mercedes F1 car and an AMG C63 and calling it promotional duties rather than testing.

Again the 360 degree tech has been strapped to an F1 car, a 2012 Renault one to be precise, the location was the mighty Goodwood hillclimb, the drive is F1 driver Jolyon Palmer, according to Fox Sports the E20 F1 car that Palmer was driving was originally a Lotus E20, then Renault bought the team and gave it new paintwork and a new name.

Now the lap, having driven up the Goodwood hillclimb I can tell you it’s an amazing place, that wall feels as if as though it’s on top of you as it’s that close, here the view from the 360 degree camera is simply amazing, viewing on a tablet allows you to view from almost any angle, the hillclimb has never looked so amazing while giving you that absolute sense of being in the thick of the action, as Palmer speeds past the wall you just get a sense of fear with the close proximity of it all.

As for the noise though, if this was the last car engine I hear before I die, I would die happy.

Staggeringly epic visuals with a great track and sound, it’s just like being there, I’m just glad they removed the chicane that I had to contend with on my run……