Following on from the recent reveal by Polyphony Digitals GT Sport, Sony have released a full press kit including glorious 1080p screenshots and a full trailer showcasing the game’s content.


I know these are screenshots and potentially they should be taken under caution but they do look quite stunning, I mean just look at them. Since the launch of the PS4 such racing series as Driveclub and Project Cars have been released giving any Gran Turismo game playing catch up.


The trailer which showcases various aspects of the game appears to include a car livery editor, rally tracks and a sub-division of tracks by location.

Also showcased is what appears to be a free-roam photographic mode which allows the creation of stunning backdrops for your chosen cars.


Recently game director and Polyphony Digital CEO, Kazunori Yamauchi, revealed at an event in London new gameplay footage for the PS4 game, highlighting its global competition structure that invites players to represent a team or their home country.

Little else is know about the game to date aside from the fact that it will launch in Japan, Asia and North America on November 15th, in Europe on November 16th and in the UK on November 18th, exclusively on PS4. In addition, it is reported that the game will be fully compatible with Sony’s forthcoming virtual reality headset. All of the title’s various game modes will reportedly feature VR support.

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