You should all be well aware that in 2017 limited-run supercars are a hot commodity. The art of ordering such a car and then ‘flipping’ it for a huge profit has become more commonplace much the anger of car fans the world over.

The most recent example of this was the 911 R, if you wanted one and didn’t get on Porsche’s list of buyers then you were left with cars that were instantly flipped as they rolled off the production line. We reported such an example of this with one of the first 911 R’s in the UK being advertised at a cool half a million pounds, which is around £350,000 of pure profit.

Porsche has confirmed that enough is enough and no more! GT Division boss Andreas Preuninger told Car and Driver that he was far from pleased with the issue of buyers flipping his companies beautifully developed limited run cars merely for collection purposes. “I personally like to see my cars being used. That’s what we build them for. They are just too good to be left to stand and collect dust,”

Preuninger also gave assurances that Porsche is monitoring those buyers who try to flip their cars for an immediate huge profit by stating that the company is “monitoring very closely who is flipping cars”, basically anyone caught using the flip method could find themselves not on the list for any future cars from the GT Division.

Sounds fair enough to me, I mean the whole of point of cars like the 911 R is that they were built to be driven and in turn, for people to actually see them being used and enjoyed. Good move Porsche….