Porsche is a company that does like to tease us with concepts and test mules covered in camouflage or without bodywork at all.

Since 2012 they have been mercilessly teasing us with the proposition of a Panamera in wagon form and now, it’s finally here for you all to drool over.

The current second generation Porsche Panamera is a real looker, there should be no doubt that the German carmaker delivered a real stunner with the new model, the Sport Turismo thankfully follows this trend by being even more of a stunner in the looks department.

The production ready model was unveiled at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. Featuring a redesigned body from the B-pillar onwards, that gorgeous deployable rear wing found on the standard car has been forsaken for new active spoiler contained within the roofline of the car. At 105mph(56mph in Sport or Sport Plus mode), the spoiler deploys from an angle of –7 degrees to +1 degree, helping to push the big Porsche to the ground at high speed.

As for the additional room in the back, from the press release pictures, it would appear that not much has been added. Think of the Subaru Impreza Wagon and you will see what I am getting at. Essentially you are given a mere 20 liters of additional space versus the normal bodied counterpart (520 liters vs 500).

Another first with the Sport Turismo is that now it will seat five; well, if you one of your children is a mini-Satan then you can seat them in the back so they can create hell all on their own while the children you actually like sit in comfort. Ideally, I cannot see anyone using the fifth seat for anything other than dogs or for an actual person for short journeys.

Aside from the physical changes the Sport Turismo will identical to its mere mortal sibling. The launch car will include the same five engine and trim choices as the standard car. These consist of the base V6 model, the S model, and S diesel model, the torque laden 4 E-Hybrid model with range-topping duties being fulfilled by the 550hp Turbo and the staggering 680hp Turbo S E-hybrid model.

Prices will start at £73,071 going up to a rather expensive £137,140 for the range-topping petrol/electric Turbo S E-hybrid model.