Porsche has to be one of the world’s best know car makers. Since its inception in 1931, it has given the world many iconic models of which the standout is the worshiped 911 model.

Most of the fame Porsche has received during this 85-year life span is the result of putting the engine is a majority of its successful models so far back in the chassis layout, so much so that the motor could possibly be considered to be almost out of the car needing its own trailer to stop it from falling out.

After all these years in production Porsche has finally decided to address the biggest problem it has ever faced. Not the problem of shifting the motor to the front of the 911 you might think, no, the fact that some people cannot pronounce the car-makers name correctly.

In a world with many problems, Porsche has decided that to finally give us clarity on how to actually say their name correctly:

So feel free to practice it right now:

Por-sche, Pors-sche, Por-sche, Bee-tle, Por-sche, Por-sche

There you have it, Porsche addressing a problem that no one in the world ever thought was a problem………