Porsche has reached a special milestone, one million 911’s have been built. The car numbered 1,000,000 rolled off the production line at Zuffenhausen, this though was specced to match the first ever factory built 911 from 1963.

A Tribute To Car Number One

This car is painted in Irish Green with gold badges, other highlights include a wooden steering wheel and houndstooth seats. Is it me or do Porsche need to make this combination available for future factory orders as it all looks so right on this car.

It’s based on the current a 911 Carrera S, power comes from a rear mounted (naturally) turbocharged motor producing 414bhp, all this power results in 0-62mph in 4.3 seconds and a 191mph if you can locate a nearby Autobahn.

The first 911 produced had a little bit less power than car number one million, 128bhp to be precise, giving rise to a 0-62 time of 8.3 seconds and a top speed of 131mph, not bad by 1963 standards.

Finally, Porsche has given this millionth car a manual gearbox, just like car number one. Showing that even after 999,999 other 911’s they still want to produce a proper drivers car with a proper gearbox.

Many 911’s Still Being Driven

More impressive is that Porsche has confirmed that over 70% of 911’s ever built are “still ready to drive today”. A very large number when you consider the failure rate of mere mortal cars.

Whilst the 911 has been mocked over the years as being a ‘Beetle’ with the engine in the wrong place or for having the laziest facelifts ever conceived, you have to think that after a million cars sold with little change in the formula, Porsche clearly knows what they’re doing.

With Porsche showing no signs of ever replacing the 911 with anything else other than a 911 with slightly different door handles, you should expect another million 911’s to be added to the roads in the coming years.