This question is a simple one, if you had to buy one car, by this I mean a single car to own and drive for the remainder of your life, what would it be?

Life is challenging for everyone, things change in people’s lives on a daily basis, meaning that you would have to choose something to attempt to cover all of these bases. If you think of the things that could change, choose a two-seater, no wait, you’re married and have some little people screaming and pooping all over the place, goodbye two-seater, the little people don’t like being in the boot.

If you choose a three-door mid-sized hatchback and you hit a certain age where your elderly parents decide to get revenge on you by having you drive them everywhere because they are no longer able to, goodbye three-door hatchback.

So, you need a car that can somewhat cover all of the challenges that life will throw at you, if you want a true car for life, forget anything that’s hand built in a shed, the reason, it will catch fire or get you stranded by the roadside with either fluid coming out of every orifice or generally on fire, you will end up walking everywhere or taking the bus which will be terrible.

Now, my personal choice is based on not giving a crap about a few key factors, petrol will, of course, rise in price as modern cars become more fuel efficient, your ageing car will, therefore, become less efficient, thus making it more expensive to run.  Also as a car ages and is therefore considered to be more dirty as emissions numbers on modern cars continue to drop, the government will try to make you part with your car by trying to tax you off the road, as in, older car, equals higher emissions, equals higher road taxes, good job government idiots.

So, my personal choice for a car for life, it has to be fun, comparatively fast, as in a decade of two later you still want it to be considered a performance car, you want strong build quality and a reasonable level of mass-production so that you can actually get parts for the thing, lastly it has to cover all angles of life, in other words, four-doors is a must, have kids, no problem, your kids have kids making you feel really old, not an issue, chauffeuring your parents and your grandkids around, go right ahead. Of course, if you happen to be rather active in the loins department and you have a large number of offspring’s, then no car for life is available to fit your needs, before you moan about it, you should have thought before you had all that sex and all those kids, that is why you’re driving a seven-seat van with seats in the back and life in general is a bit shit.

The car I would choose is the BMW M5 F10, four-doors, check, plenty of space for many things, speed, lots of it, build quality, it’s made by the Germans, not an issue and as the company will be going for many more years yet, parts should not be an issue either.

You can put many things in an M5

The only other car I would choose, this is on the basis that I possibly hate the idea of having kids and or didn’t like my parents, the choice would be a Porsche 911, it has lots of speed, it’s built to survive a nuclear war, it’s a 911 so it looks the same as every other 911 built in the last 50 years so parts will be plentiful.

If you hate kids, buy one of these

These are my choices, but if you had to choose one car for life, what would it be…………….