Norway is a country that is synonymous with such things, as oil, mountains & snow. Its dramatic, beautiful scenery stretches from the beaches and cliffs in the south through the mountainous areas in the middle to the midnight sun at the North Cape.

In total Norway has approximately 4.7 million inhabitants, of which about a million live in and around the capital city, Oslo. At the end of 2015 official records show that Norway had just over 5.2 million registered vehicles of all types, now these numbers amusingly enough include ‘Special Purpose Vehicles’ and ‘Snow Scooters’ and 1.3 million trailers for some reason.

The actual number of ‘Private Cars’ stood at 2.6 million vehicles as of December 2015.

Contained within this number is the fact that Norwegians’ are one of the biggest consumers of electric vehicles which make up almost a quarter of all new vehicles sold.

So in a country with a strong mix of electric and combustion powered vehicles what would be the next logical step. Logically the next step would be to ban the sales or all combustion powered vehicles, cars, buses & light commercials as well.

According to a report by the Norwegian newspaper Dagens Næringsliv, the country’s government is mulling over banning the sale of any new petrol or diesel powered car by 2025.

A petrol station in Norway, circa 2026
A petrol station in Norway, circa 2026

It’s worth noting that at this time, this ban is just a proposal and has some way to go before it becomes law.

One man was very happy at the proposed ban, the PayPal co-founding, Tesla innovating super villain known as Elon Musk having voiced his approval on Twitter from his mountain lair:

Elon Musk Tweet re Norway

So what do you think of such a ban?, does it make sense or would it be seen to be victimising those who are unable to afford an electric car when to let’s be realistic, they are not exactly cheap when a Tesla Model X costs anywhere from £50,000 upwards before you put anything inside it.

I will await news on this with interest.