The heavily revised relaunch of Top Gear didn’t sit well with fans when it launched in 2016. Too many presenters, the ginger one shouting a lot, underuse of the new star quality talent in the form of Harris and Reid and the fact that in places, it just wasn’t very good.

Now after Ginger one has moved back to radio, Top Gear is back for its 24th season. No official word on if Sabine Schmitz or indeed Eddie Jordan will return but what we do have is LeBlanc, Harris, and Reid mixing it up as only Top Gear knows how.

Does this mean the show will shift back to the traditional three-presenter line-up? Your guess is as good as mine on that one.

In the brief and actually funny season 24 preview we get to see LaBlanc hooning in an Aston DB11 while being chased down by the police, Harris doing what he does best by going sideways in a Ferrari FXX and the excellent Reid trying to win a car challenge against his fellow co-presenters.

It all feels a bit familiar, all a bit normal and gives us hope that Top Gear’s 24th season see the team get back on track. The relaunch season had many issues which I have written about before, yes, it was good fun in places and the standout performances came from both Reid and Harris who managed somehow not to make an appearance until later in the season.

No word either on the star in a car segment, mainly if they have done away with the stupid off-road sections or if the excellent Extra Gear will live to see another day.

Season 24 of Top Gear launches very soon, based on this preview you should be excited for what’s to come.