The Renault Megane RS was a favorite of mine, a bit of a bonkers hot hatch in the lurid yellow paint that was a real and true drivers car. Since the introduction of the new Megane though, we have had to make do with the warm GT version.

Now, that wait is over as this leaked image has surfaced on Facebook of what has to be the new 2018 Megane RS.

The signature yellow paint is present, alongside the massive central exhaust, add in the deep rear splitter and you have yourself an RS. No official word on any specs yet, but expect it to be powered by a 2.0-litre turbo motor related to the previous model, also expect a power bump that will hopefully give the new RS around the 300bhp mark.

The RS should be equipped with a proper manual gearbox, here’s to hoping the RS department don’t follow the Clio route by making it a flappy paddle only affair. Also, as the RS will be one of the most powerful front-wheel drive super hatches, expect it to be lapped to death around the Nurburgring in pursuit the Honda Civic Type R’s 7:43 record.

Whilst there are no actual details, hopefully, Renault will make us very happy by revealing the car this year, or possibly make us sad by keeping us waiting until 2018.

Hattip to Carthrottle for the tip.