This is the all new production spec Honda Civic Type R. We were teased by a concept version some months ago and thankfully Honda has kept all the insane parts for the production version.

The all-new model was launched at the Geneva Motor Show, and Honda has ensured that the bonkers concept has become a bonkers production version. Insanity such as the treble tailpipes remains (too many tailpipes but who cares), the twin buttresses along the roof line, of course, the massive rear wing that means you will stand out in the Type R.

The new Type R is not just a looker either, you get 316bhp and 295 lb-ft of torque from the turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder i-VTEC engine.

The Type R also remains front wheel drive, some purists will like this continuation, some will not and may feel that Honda should have gone down the AWD route and added more power to bring the Type R closer to the formidable Focus RS. I disagree, having driven both cars they are very different animals. The previous generation Type R was one of the easiest cars to drive. It was utterly insane of course but easy to drive.


The Type R also only comes equipped with a manual gearbox, this is a good thing. Honda has also been busy with the car’s dynamics and the new model features a 40 percent stiffer body compared to the outgoing model. It also features a revised suspension set-up including an entirely new front set-up which incorporates aluminum lower arms and revised steering knuckles to reduce torque steer and improve the cornering power at the ragged edge.

To finish all these handling upgrades the new Type R also gets a new limited-slip differential, massive Brembo brakes and 20-inch wheels shod in super-grippy Continental Sports Contact 6 tires.

No word on pricing yet but expect it to be at around the £31,000 plus mark in line with the outgoing model.

I am a huge fan of the previous generation model, it was insane with ease of use and just a magnificent piece of work by Honda. Here’s to hoping the new model is more of the same and then some………..