The Need for Speed series has unveiled its installment Need For Speed Payback; EA and Ghost Games have put a strong focus on action gaming and car customization in the latest version of the company’s flagship racing game.

EA claim that NFS payback has the most detailed level of car customization ever included in the series. While we don’t get to see any of this in the trailer, what is revealed is the semi-open world racing structure taken from previous installments. It also appears that parts of the game take you straight into heist territory. Think Fast and The Furious meet GTA online on your PS4.

NFS Payback will allow players to switch between three main characters during the single-player story mode, with each will fulfilling different parts of the story. You will also get access to a whole host of cars, earn big money and you can buy very expensive exotics and tune them up, but what if want to spend less? The game will also allow players to buy a cheap beater and repair and tune it into a monster of a car.

NFS Payback is coming to a PC, PS4 or Xbox One near you on 10 November 2017.