What is Ngenco?

Ngenco refers to ‘next generation coatings’ The Worcester-based company are specialists in professional grade removable coatings for your car. Bringing a total of 35 years of industry experience, Ngenco has you covered when it comes to refreshing your car with an all-new look. They can provide a fully professional application or the products for a DIY coating. All of that experience shows with a professional finish matching the factory original work.

Here’s a stunning example of their work being applied to a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta:

Autoflex Coating – Factory Finish

So, you like what you see on the Ferrari F12? It’s had Ngenco’s Autoflex applied to its bodywork to give it a stunning new look.  Autoflex is a fully reversible application that promises to replicate ‘OEM factory finishes or better’.

Choosing this coating also allows you a choice of thousands of colors for your car, it also provides a high-quality finish so your car will look perfect, even to the most dedicated petrolhead. The application is also scratch and fuel resistant, giving the finish longevity and resistance to everyday driving. Available in High Gloss, Matte or Satin finishes, Autoflex is a simple, quick and cost efficient way of revising your cars looks for less. So why not give your car an all new look – Autoflex is available here as part of the spring sale.

Ngenco DIY Range

If you’re the type of person that that prefers to work on your car yourself, then you need to check out Ngenco’s DIY product range. Consisting of everything you need to complete a refresh from base coats, drop in kits and custom kits. This range is designed for the DIY mechanic or semi-professionals.

Everything you need to refresh your car with a professional finish is available from this range, this range of high-quality products will allow you to complete of a refresh of your car to the highest standard.

Ngenco offers an unrivaled product which enables you to give your car a new, fresh look without all the drawbacks of a complete repaint. Ngenco has continually worked to develop and test their products to ensure that they produce the very best car customization options available. For full details of their excellent range of products and services, head over to ngenco.uk.com today.




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