BMW has firmly stuck to their motto ‘The Ultimate Driving Machine’ for a number of years now. In recent years they have produced some great cars, the M division has been especially productive, giving us the likes of the M2 and the M4 as prime examples of what they can do.

For all the good cars I can even forgive BMW for that 2-Series estate thing that has the drive going to the wrong end and looks hideous, what I cannot forgive is some of the so-called ‘modified’ BMW’s listed here. What possesses such people to ruin BMW’s work with such modifications I’ll never know. I mean, it’s not like BMW has a small R&D budget and you think you can do a better job in your shed.’s 7-Series

The first monstrosity is a 7-Series that looks like tasteless musician got hold of it by adding his personal touch, or in other words, ruining a perfectly good car. Seriously what the hell was the owner thinking?

Invisible 5-Series

Next up is a picture of nothing, just a blank driveway as the camouflage applied to this otherwise standard five is so good you cannot even see it. Believe it or not, this car is actually for sale. Good luck with that.

Overeating 1-Series

Now a poor 1-series that look like its owner has never driven it and merely let it sit around and get rather fat, not to mention the hideous paint job which is terrible. Also for reasons which escape me, the car seems to have maintained its original ride height. Again this one is for sale as the owner simply cannot stand to look at what they have produced.

The E36 M3 That Should Not Be

This E36 M3 was at one time a great car, now it’s just terrible. It’s like the owner allowed small children to style his car for him without supervision. To add insult to injury, this owner seems to be more than happy to drive it around in this unfinished and rather terrible state.

Striped Up – Ruining An E39

This one makes me very sad as I own an unmodified E39. This example, however, was forced to suffer this hideous yellow striping which no car should ever have to suffer. Even worse, the owner has obliged us by matching the wheels as well. If this car comes up for sale expect to pay about a fiver for it.