Mercedes- have a rich history of occasionally going off the reservation and making fire-breathing snorting versions of their rich stable of cars, think AMG Black series or the bonkers G65 AMG for reference.

Following on from those previous instalments of bonkers activity Mercedes have been at it again the gorgeous AMG GT, this is the AMG GT R in all of its very green gloriousness.

Mercedes AMG GT R 2

Featuring the M178 4.0-litre V-8 twin turbo motor also found in the GT and GT S variants, the revised motor now produces a staggering 577bhp with a tarmac removing 520 lb-ft of torque just in case the standard model wasn’t enough.

The AMG GT R was mostly developed at the legendary Nurburgring racetrack known as the ‘Green Hell’, in honour of this, Mercedes have given the AMG GT R an exclusive colour called ‘AMG green hell magno’, which has to be a candidate for the most bonkers title ever given to anything ever in the history of the world.

The car features several enhancements such wider front and rear wings which allow for an increased track which gives, and I quote ‘optimum grip and even higher cornering speeds’. This combined with a double diffuser, cup spec tyres and a 9-way adjustable traction system makes for a more hardcore track focused version than the standard car.

Now sit back and revel in the greenness that is the AMG GT R.

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