If you’re looking for a rugged pickup truck these days then you are pretty spoilt for choice, the Nissan Navara and the Ford Ranger are two examples that spring to mind as good solid choices, what these trucks are lacking, however, is a premium badge. Both of these are very good as trucks, but what if you want something a little more premium.



Mercedes have come to the rescue with this, the X-Class, based on the Nissan Navara platform, the X-Class concept will lead to a production version by late 2017, call it the worst kept secret ever as this thing has been spotted testing more times than Kanye West looking miserable.

The German carmaker has given us two concepts and both are very easy on the eye indeed, clearly the Mercedes naming department had a busy day by calling them the ‘Stylish Explorer’ version which is accompanied by the more rugged ‘Powerful Adventurer’ version which will allow you to explore the rugged plains in both comfort and luxury.

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I have to say, both are very good looking, the standard model just looks epic, even for a truck which will likely never see any form of off-roading let alone have any crap thrown in its flatbed. You get 22-inch wheels, a kind of AMG like body-kit and styling and of course the usual high standard Mercedes interior we have become accustomed to.


The Adventurer features tougher looking off-road wheels and massively chunky tyres, a lurid paint job and a fire extinguisher of all things in case you happen to catch fire while out on the wilderness.

Amongst the things we want to end up in the production model, that LED surrounds tailgate, it will likely be chucked in the bin at some point but we can but hope, the top motor available at launch will be a V6 diesel, no word on an AMG 63 powered version but again we live in hope……..

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