Mercedes-Benz will reveal the full details or their pickup on 25th October, this detail has been announced via a brief and very dramatic teaser video, the thing I don’t get is why reveal the teaser, I mean just show us the thing as we have all seen it testing.

As you may be aware the Benz truck gets a rather awkward start to life as it shares a platform with a Nissan Navara, this is like constructing a modern glass fronted art-deco building on the foundations of a mud hut as far as I’m concerned, as in not exactly a strong start.



Now having caught a brief glimpse of the thing, I am convinced it will likely be quite a stunner in the looks department which is a good thing indeed, just check out that chin spoiler set-up and the front light clusters, just fantastic to look at.

Who will actually buy this truck, likely owners of current high-end trucks that will be attracted to the badge and the build-quality, Mercedes-Benz have confirmed this truck will carry a metric ton of crap or payload as some may call it, although can you see anyone wanting to fill their high-end pretty Mercedes with freshly sawed logs or compost, me neither.


Also, if you do buy one of these, one day someone will ask you what you drive, you will reply “A Mercedes-Benz”, then the awkward part will follow as they respond with “really, niceeee, C Class or E Class” then the conversation goes downhill from this moment onwards, you get the picture.

Either way, Mercedes-Benz would appear to be about to break the mould in truck design and will be making it somewhat cooler. The Mercedes-Benz truck is unveiled in Stockholm on 25 October.