We have all been aware that Mercedes-Benz will be producing a pickup truck for some time,  they make the evergreen Sprinter van range so a shift into making a flat-bed truck would seem like a natural one.

So far it has come to light that the Benz pickup will be a re-bodied Nissan Navara, this is not actually a bad thing as the current generation Navara is a good truck, not a great truck but it’s as good as anything on the market currently for the money.

Now, the Mercedes-Benz pickup has been spotted in full camouflage driving around in Germany:

The video id’s the truck as being the “GLT” but you know how it goes with prototype naming so expect that to change to something more Mercedes-like at some point with whatever engine size number is stamped on the back to bare little relevance to what’s under the bonnet.

What can you expect in the UK, unfortunately not any of the V6 or V8 motors, expect the more powerful diesel motors, perhaps the 204hp motor from the 250d models as you’re going to need plenty of torque to move all that heft around. Also expect that the inside and looks to be very Mercedes-ish, as in the interior whilst hard-wearing will be a nice place to be with a strong level of tech.

The Mercedes-Benz GLT will likely be available in 2018 with a new name in the usual markets including the USA and majority of Europe.