The Mercedes G500 4×4² is basically a shorter version of the rather monstrous G-Class 6×6. The loss of two wheels, however, hasn’t stopped it from being as completely bonkers as its longer wheel-based bigger brother.

The G500 4×4² features the standard version of the German car maker’s new twin-turbocharged four-valve-per-cylinder 4.0-litre V8 direct injection petrol engine.

The Drive is sent constantly to all four wheels by a reworked version of Mercs seven-speed 7G-tronic automatic gearbox, this set-up is completed by a separate transfer case and the high and low ratio gearing from the standard G 500. There are also three mechanical differential locks that can be operated on the move.

The 4×4² greater ride height means that the off-roading approach and departure angles have been increased from 36 and 27 degrees to a whopping rate of 52 and 54 degrees. Also, the 4×4² can submerge itself in up to 1000mm of water without issue and don’t worry about tipping the thing over either as you can now tilt by a substantial 30 degrees which are increased from 28 degree’s of tilt before a rollover occurs.

All these numbers mean that you defiantly take your 4×4² off-road, now you can buy here in the UK, the reasonable price for all this madness is a mere £259,950.

The car is available at Mayfair Prestige to cover all your bonkers off-roading needs.