Have you ever looked at a Nissan Leaf and thought ‘it’s a bit shit and I should buy something else’. Well great news, now Mercedes have designed an alternative, may I introduce the Mercedes-Benz Style Edition Garia Golf Cart. Yes, I am aware that this is an actual physical golf cart as opposed to a road legal car, as EV’s are constantly nicknamed ‘golf carts’ here we are.

Whilst you don’t actually get a 3-pointed star with as this car wears the badge of Garia, the company Mercedes collaborated with on this project. Inside the cart it’s all very Mercedes like with a 10.1-inch touchscreen which keeps tabs on your range which is estimated to be up to 50 miles! This is half the range of a Nissan Leaf, this Mercedes and Garia cart also has selectable drive modes such as ‘Eco’ and also a possibly rampaging ‘Sport’ mode.


All of the Mercededsness flows through to the exterior of the cart as well with such details as, carbon finished vents and a carbon rear diffuser, this coupled with trick looking two-tone alloy wheels gives the cart a stylish and mean looking presence.


If you don’t believe me, watch the official video and you shall be convinced:

The interior is finished with such essential items as mini-fridge for keeping your beer or white wine cold whilst you’re hitting things with your golf-bats, it also features some cup-holders so that you don’t lose any of your chilled beverage whilst cornering in ‘Sport’ mode.


So whilst the Garia has no doors, a tiny cabin, can you honestly say you would chose a Nissan Leaf over this? I would attach some number plates and get it made road legal as soon as possible if I could, the alternative options in order of preference are walking or a Nissan Leaf so an easy choice………..