This is the stunning Mercedes AMG GT Concept. Essentially this is AMG GT sports car that’s stretched out and gained an additional pair of doors, and Mercedes-AMG has stated that its a version of a road-going car you will actually be able to buy in the near future, damn does it look stunning.

The AMG GT Concept also has a few additional tricks hidden away within that stunning body, it offers a hybrid petrol/electric setup which takes inspiration from the Mercedes AMG F1 team. You get the 4-liter twin-turbo V8 which is coupled with an electric motor giving you a very high power number of 805 rampaging horsepowers. AMG has named this new setup EQ Power+ (shared by the F1 car as well), Mercedes also confirmed that this name that applies to all performance hybrids in the future.

With 805 Horsepower, you’d expect a quick 0–60, no actual numbers but the company has confirmed less than 3 seconds, the AMG GT Concept also features a large comfortable interior and a matching amount of load space. The AMG GT has been designed as a four-door stunner with performance to match the looks with the ability to carry four adults in comfort at high speed.

The car can also be driven in electric-only mode (no range has been confirmed) when the petrol motor kicks in the two work together to produce mind-warping speed and torque. As with all petrol/electric cars of the genre, the battery is charged while the car is being driven to ensure maximum power and therefore performance is available at all times.

No word on when the GT concept GT will actually become a reality, for now, we will have to drool over the jaw-dropping looks until it reaches production.