I was lucky enough to meet Magnus Walker as he toured the UK to promote his book ‘Dirt Don’t Slow You Down’. Walker’s is a name that is intertwined with the cult of Porsche, in five short years he has quickly become the world’s best-known collector and customizer of Porsche’s.

A Bit Of Outlaw History

Originally from Sheffield in the United Kingdom, Walker’s story is one of a self-made man who arrived in Los Angeles with virtually nothing. Hearing Walker talk to the audience about his many experiences from his first sighting of a Porsche 911 at the Earls Court Motor show in 1977 to his eventual arrival in LA which the journey to his famed ‘277’ car.

All of this ultimately led to the 2012 short film Urban Outlaw which first thrust him into prominence amongst petrolheads worldwide.

A few other interesting facts that I was unaware of are that Walker failed his UK drivers test before arriving in LA.  Also that his most famous 911, the car dubbed ‘277‘ has seen various states of rebuild including at least three replacement engines as well as gaining him several tickets from the local constabulary.

Dirt Don’t Slow You Down 

Meeting Magnus was really cool, he took the time to talk to everyone and clearly loves a good chat about cars and of course Porsche’s! – Dirt Don’t Slow You down is absolutely worth a read if into cars or a fan of Magnus Walker.