World, meet George the Rolls Royce. George likes burnouts, high speed and generally being driven very fast.

George is the creation of world-renowned skier and winter camo enthusiast Jon Olsson. Starting life as a standard Rolls-Royce Wraith, George has been modified to be theeworld’s most insane Rolls Royce ever.

As always Olsson has clad George in his favoured winter camo scheme, he even has matching luggage (so much want for that) and the front of his Marbella house is even done to match.

To make this Rolls stand out, it now sports two massive LED lights on the front grille, as if this wasn’t enough there is also four roof mounted ones as well. Other additions include a roof rack which is cleverly held down by magnetic force alone and massive custom wheels.

This Wraith also has 810 horsepower (up from 624hp standard) from undisclosed modifications, clearly, it likes to do burnouts and even has its name written on its tyres.

Is this the most insane Rolls Royce ever? Let us know in the comments.