You own a McLaren and life is good, you drive your supercar around without a care in the world, but something is missing from your life, what, though…… In a flash of inspiration, you think to yourself “I need to go to the Arctic and drive another McLaren as that’s what I’m missing”.


Now, you can do just that. McLaren have launched their own winter driving experience in Northern Finland, located 200 miles into the Arctic Circle, the event is called the ‘Pure McLaren Arctic Experience’ and I quote from the press release:

Pure McLaren Arctic Experience will be the only ice driving programme in the world to offer the thrill of the multi-award winning McLaren Sports Series

Once you arrive in this very cold place, you will be given the keys to a McLaren 570S and be allowed to slide it around to your heart’s content on snow covered roads and tracks.

To again quote McLaren about the challenging roads you will be facing:

Guests will experience the multi-award winning McLaren 570S Coupé,tackling a variety of track configurations, encompassing both ice and snow surfaces.”

During such a stay in the Arctic Circle, a McLaren driver expects accommodation of a certain, you know, high quality, McLaren have got you covered as you will be staying in the Javri Lodge which used to house the Former President of Finland no less, the cost of all this icy McLareness £12,500 per person for three nights, yes I did say £12,500 per person.

As long as you’re available between 15 January to 3 February 2017 then you can immerse yourself and a guest in the full McLaren Arctic Experience, maybe leave the entourage at home given the price tag though.