Firstly an apology to anyone reading this, I can confirm that your eyesight is working perfectly, the number of £375 is indeed correct. One caveat, though, you need to be aged six years or under to drive this P1.


Gone is the carbon-fibre construction, in its place reinforced plastic construction and a rocketing top speed of 3mph, 0-3mph time is a staggering 0.2 seconds making this one of the fastest hypercars for a six-year-old little person.

Available in “Volcano-Orange” only the electric P1 features three forward gears and reverse which should be more than sufficient to enable you to set record lap times in the kitchen race track or the garden race track known as “The Green Hell Garden With A Dog”.


The P1 Electric also features uplift doors just like the real thing, it also costs about £2million quid less than the real thing but if you’re a little person it’s as cool as the real thing for sure.

Now, I suspect many fully grown adults would love the chance to drive this thing, I know I would around my kitchen race track as I need to set a record lap time…….

So much want here…….