According to the nice people over at Auto Express McLaren is preparing to unleash an all-electric version of its game-changing P1.

The revised electric P1 will be a track-focused road car that could potentially be on sale by 2020 to 2023 if the development continues at its current pace.

In addition, the P1 electric will be a ‘budget’ version coming in at under £1million, as the current now completed limited run model retailed at around £1.1million and are currently changing hands for around £2million, this could be a bargain way into the ultra exclusive P1 ownership club.

Rumoured to feature faster acceleration that the 675LT with zero emissions this could be the first ever road legal EV to break the 200mph holy grail of speed records.

Given that the petrol engine version of the P1 was a heavy lightweight at best with its petrol/hybrid electric drive-train, therefore, the all-electric version would likely have to lose some weight to accommodate the many many batteries required to propel such a hypercar to mind-bending speeds.

My personal assumption is that if an all electric P1 becomes a reality that it could be for McLaren to mass test any future electric car set-up that could be used on other future production models.

Will we ever see the all-electric P1 on the streets, we can only hope and pray McLaren get building it as soon as possible.