Grand Theft Auto Online has been in rude health in recent months with a huge number of excellent updates. The best of which has been the Stunt Racing update and a track editor. Now players no longer have to stick to the ground, almost anything is possible with huge pipes leading into the sky and even all the way out to sea.

Now Rockstar has released its latest update for free, this gives players a massive new 15 stunt races to explore. They have also finally incorporated the ‘Special’ vehicles into the stunt races by their own circuit line up. Now players will finally be able to use the Ruiner 2000, Rocket Voltic and Blazer Aqua in their own set of Stunt Races which have been tailored to make use of each vehicles unique set of features (Jet Flight, Parachutes & Aquatic ability etc).

Rockstar has also announced a new crop of cars coming to online, starting with the McLaren F1 tribute, the Progen GP1.

Before the McLaren lawyers get sharpening their carbon-fibre pencils, there is no steering wheel in the center of the cockpit. It’s traditional left-hand drive but is clearly inspired by the iconic F1.

Having tested the GP1 myself and done a bit of research it seems that Rockstar may have nerfed it a bit power wise. In terms of top speed in the game, it appears to be outside the top ten when compared to the current cars available in-game. Clearly, the developers were either trying to avoid the carbon penciled lawyers from McLaren.

In the coming weeks, players will get the remaining three of the cars announced with the update, including the Turismo Classic which may have the Ferrari lawyers reaching for their carbon-fibre pencils at a rate of speed.