If you’re wealthy today there are only a few cars that you can buy to have the mix of both exclusivity and rarity combined, the current leaders of this pack are the modern era of hybrid powered hypercars in the form of the stunning LaFerrari, the technically future leading Porsche 918 and finally the brutal McLaren P1.  But if money is no object how do you buy one of these stunning machines and then stand out from all other owners (or the other 374 in the case of the P1.)

You call MSO, nope not a name for a wafty PPI company they are McLaren’s ‘Special Operations’ that will do well pretty much anything you want for a McLaren, you want brown paint work with red leather seats with light ice grey stitching, not an issue just ask and you will be given a price as well as a lecture in good taste if you ever chose a McLaren in brown.

David Kyte is one such individual who can afford to call on MSO’s services and his request to them has given birth to this quite stunning McLaren P1 ‘MSO’ in dark blue with red detailing.

The beautiful blue bodywork has had discreet red pinstripes added around the P1’s aero body work creases. The inside of the butterfly doors, brake calipers and lightweight forged wheels also feature the same red detailing. With this P1 it’s all about the little details that make it so special, I have been looking at the pictures for some time now and still keep picking up on things.

mclaren-p1-mso-14The McLaren P1 still features the 3.8 litre V8 M838TQ engine (taken from the M838T featured in 12C production car).  The McLaren P1 features a totally re-worked twin-turbo version of the V8 engine which produces 727 bhp at 7,300 rpm, and 720 Nm of torque from 4,000 rpm. The additional hybrid drive is a single electric motor mounted behind the cockpit alongside the petrol counterpart. It produces 176 bhp and 130Nm of torque. This all gives rise to one hell of a quick hypercar.mclaren-p1-mso-4I have to say this P1 does look stunning, however the colour scheme does have me thinking of a certain wall crawling web slinging comic book hero.

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