The McLaren 675LT is a more focused and hardcore variant of the McLaren 650S which was announced at Geneva in March 2015. The power output has been increased to a mere 675PS with Torque rising to 700Nm.


The LT name stands for Long Tail taken from the historic 1997 McLaren F1 GTR Long Tail version. Aero upgrades at the front, rear and sides of the car have bolstered downforce by 40 percent compared to the 650S Coupe.

This 675LT is sadly only available in coupe form with only 500 examples scheduled for sale which are already sold. 40 cars were made available for the UK.

11297556_10207015850940580_335070108_oThis 675LT was spotted in Guildford, UK. Which is not far from the Mclaren factory in Woking, UK. We have no idea if this car was being delivered or not but trade plates were spotted in the windows which are required to drive it on UK roads as you can see from the pictures it has no number plates.

11294329_10207015851500594_770305829_oIn this colour I think it looks great but will be interesting to see what other customers chose as I feel it’s not really the best look for a car of this type. You may well disagree but we can at least agree this is an exciting spot of what will be a very rare car indeed.

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Photos courtesy of E D, stunning work.