The McLaren 650S has been with us since 2014, this may only be two short years, however, in terms of supercars this is an absolute age. McLaren has thankfully been working on a replacement for the 650S and this is it:


This is clearly a McLaren, just look at it, the heritage design is clearly the work of the Woking based car-maker, internally this all-new model is codenamed the P14, which is a rubbish name for a car so expect the new car to be named in relation to its final horsepower output when its finally announced.

The 650S boasted 641bhp so you can expect a greater power output from the P14, McLaren are not likely to use any name with 675 in it as this has already been bestowed upon the limited run 675LT, will the new car make close to 700bhp, your guess is as good as mine but this would seem a natural progression from the previous model. McLaren’s CEO is alleged to have confirmed that the replacement car will use a development of the company’s epic and much used twin-turbo V8.


Expect more speed, more power and even greater aero trickery, I mean it’s a McLaren; customers are going to want this in exchange for even more money.


Now, the looks, clearly McLaren has taken styling cues from the 570S, which let’s be honest is a great looking car, the slightly recessed front lights and the vertical bonnet vents all point to a through make-over for the new car. McLarens have this look about them, as in, they look they are moving fast even when they are sitting still, it just looks every inch a McLaren and that’s ok with us as the world needs more McLaren’s.

Yes, this is clearly a test mule, the body work looks a little bit rubbish and possibly unfinished in places, the rear tailpipes for instance look a little unfinished.

The P14 was spied in both Spain and LAX, the pictures appear to be two separate test cars. The spies who got close to the car had this to say about it:

“Clearly visible from the undisguised prototype snapped in Spain are radical active aerodynamics, which have been designed into the car from first principles. Ultra-powerful LED lights will enable the P14 to shift to this completely new front-end graphic and the cabin has been completely rethought, with an intuitive control system.”

There you have it, the McLaren P14, hopefully coming soon with more insane speed, more amazing aero tech and more of a price undoubtedly.