You are the proud owner of a stunning McLaren 570S, look away now as the nice people at Woking  have just unleashed a new package for your supercar. Called the Track Package which gives you reduced weight and more downforce which are things we could all do with in daily life, let’s be honest.

For the sum of £16,500, you get most of your interior thrown in the bin. Gone is the leather, replaced with Alcantara, you also get carbon-fibre race seats, a lightened wheelset. This diet means you weigh in at 25kg less than the standard car.


Given the name of this package you also get some clever technology to help you get around a track in the form of a track telemetry system, this system features on McLaren’s hottest hypercars including the P1 and the 675LT. It allows you to check your lap times and store data confirming details of all your best laps. This feature will also give you bragging rights down the pub and possibly make you more popular with the opposite sex, although McLaren doesn’t guarantee this in the brochure.

On the outside of your 570S you get a slightly larger rear spoiler, 12mm larger to be exact. McLaren claims that this extra girth gives you an additional 30kg of downforce at 150mph, again this will give you bragging rights down the pub for certain.


To be honest, I am struggling to tell the difference between the standard wing and this Track Package version, as in where has the £16,000 gone.

My question is, is all this extra cash really worth it. I will have to drive a 570S to find out. McLaren claims that this enhanced 570S remains as daily usable as the standard car and loses none of its comforts. This should be a given as none of the suspension is modified and side from the racing seats it’s pretty much the same car.

You can get your track package on from the beginning of 2017.