This McLaren’s ‘entry-level’ race car, the McLaren 570S Sprint, like it’s more powerful GT4 brother, it’s the sort of race car you buy if you’re thinking of stepping up to McLarens bigger and faster race models which consist of the 570S GT4, the 650S GT3 or the formidable P1 GTR.


So what do you get for the base cost of £148,000, for a start you get the immense twin-turbo, 3.8-litre V8 motor from the 570S road car, to help you in the corners you get a wing so big it needs planning permission, to keep the whole aero set-up in check you also get a chin spoiler so deep that road-use is simply not an option, lastly the 570S Sprint get nostrils just like it’s sibling the GT4, these are actually functional and channel much needed cooling air to where it’s needed most.


The 570S Sprint was developed alongside the 570S GT4, which is currently racing successfully in the British GT Championship, to quote McLaren directly “the 570S Sprint is a track-only evolution of the 570S Coupé road car”.


McLaren Motorsport Director, Ansar Ali has stated “We’re seeing a rise in demand from customers who want to get on track, though not necessarily to go racing,’ explains McLaren Motorsport Director, Ansar Ali. ‘The 570S Sprint is the perfect car for someone who doesn’t have the time to devote to an entire season of competition, but still wants to experience the exhilaration of driving a McLaren racing car.”


For your money you get such race-spec parts as centre-locking lightweight cast magnesium wheels shod with Pirelli racing slicks, an optional motorsport air jacking system to aid faster wheel changes, an FIA-approved rollcage, and an optional passenger seat fitted with six-point racing harnesses, you also get a fire extinguisher system as standard to avoid those pesky burning related incidents.


The 570S Sprint is not homologated for any type race series, however, should you wish to, you can spec a GT4 upgrade pack in order to make your 570S Sprint GT4 racing compliant.

There you have it, a McLaren 570S that you cannot series race or drive on the road, regardless it’s still the bargain McLaren