So your dead, as in properly dead, now you have to make your final journey to be buried or meet a fiery end, either could have happened to you whilst you were alive, this is depending on how you have chosen to live your life.

That final journey has just become more stylish affair thanks to Italian hearse specialist, Ellena. They now offer the most amazing way to make that final journey in the form of a modified Maserati Ghibli Hearse.


Clocking in at a colossal 6.6 metres long, the Ghibli Hearse has undergone some serious modifications in order to become the respectful carrier of the dearly departed. These changes include a reformed roof-line to provide additional headroom, this continues before levelling out at the revised rear section. The rear axle of the car now finds itself an additional metre from where it used to be, all of this work is finished at the rear end by the standard car’s tail lights, an extended rear bumper and the usual quad tailpipes.

 Maserati Ghibli
This is what the standard Maserati Ghibli looks like before it gets more length

The only downside of all this work is that for some reason Ellena have chosen to convert the Ghibli  3.0-liter diesel V6 model, so whilst your final journey will be in style it certainly won’t be quick.