Tuning companies are to be taken with a large dose of salt, I mean can they really do a better job than an actual carmaker with a billion euro R&D budget? In the case of this innocent Honda S660, Liberty Walk has given it the ‘Tuned’ treatment and the results are somewhat controversial.

Kei Cars Are Very Small

The little Honda S660 is what the Japanese refer to as a ‘Kei’ car. The regulations for these cars are strict, they must comply by having small physical dimensions and even smaller motors clocking in around the 600cc mark. The saddest thing about Kei cars is that we cannot have them in the UK as they look a hoot to drive.

So Called ‘Enhancements’

This Honda S660 started life as a standard car before being Liberty Walked all over it; the thing is now slammed to the floor with slick tires that don’t appear to be road legal in any way or form. Further ‘enhancements’ include huge wheel arch extensions, a front bumper and side skirt setup that looks like it wouldn’t survive an impact with a pebble let alone a speedbump of any kind. At the back its more of the same excess, a ducktail has been employed to add weight and presumably drag, they’ve even added a rear diffuser to increase the chance of breaking something on all four sides of the car when driving.

We assume that this S660 is for nothing more than the simple task of showing off at a car meet, which is exactly what tuned cars are all about. Showing off as to why your car in indeed different from everyone else’s.

So, is this S660 a thing to marvel at? Or should Liberty Walk be brought up on charges for crimes against car humanity?




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