Lewis Hamilton is a busy guy these days, I mean when he is not not attending the biggest boxing match of all time in Vegas or racing for Mercedes AMG F1 or perhaps showing us pictures of his beloved super cute dog Roscoe he can also be seen promoting his current employers.

He was recently seen driving a 1955 Mercedes W196 around the old Monza Oval. Notable other drivers of this car include Fangio and a ‘relative’ unknown’ by the name of Sir Stirling Craufurd Moss.


I am quiet certain that the above tyre smoking shot gave the Mercedes museum and his team bosses a potential heart issue in equal measures given for the fact that Lewis is not even wearing a lid of any type and is merely sporting a snapback hat which would not provide any crash protection at all.


It was also great to see the mighty Sir Stirling Craufurd Moss himself turn up to show Lewis how’s its done.



Just amazing I am sure you will agree.