Lego is the building tech of legend when you consider some of the cars that have been immortalized in brick form in recent years. The Ferrari F40 and Porsche 911 GT3 RS are to name but two that lent themselves perfectly to an official Lego build kit.

Lego Crash Test Horror

In the real world, however, Lego should not be your first choice to build an actual real car. The main reason for this harsh judgment is that if you build a car from Lego and crash it, the results could only be described as horrific, to say the least:

This crash test was performed on Lego’s interpretation of the Porsche 911 GT3 RS, and it didn’t go well for the big Porka at all. This test was performed by the ADAC, essentially the German equivalent of NCAP.

Slow Motion Destruction

One of the greatest things in this clip is the slow-motion of the impact itself; the Porsche reached 28mph before impact which is a lot for a car that’s not even real. I couldn’t help myself as I repeatedly watched the slow-motion destruction of the 2,700 piece kit as the front end disintegrates upon impact.

Thankfully no Lego mini figures were harmed in the making of this clip; even if they were you could just rebuild them by giving them new body parts. So, the lesson here is that you should not under any circumstances build a real car from Lego as it’s a terrible idea.