A majority of people grew up with Lego, some will have grown up with the Ford Mustang, for years both have been iconic, now they have been combined to bring you the BrickPony.


Lego’s Master Builders, which is the coolest name for a team of people ever in the history of the known universe, have created a full scale 19641/2 Mustang at its Enfield, CT facility and it will be displayed permanently at Lego’s Legoland Florida Resort located in Winter Haven, this is after its done with a touring around the USA.


The car, nicknamed BrickPony has been fitted with working headlights, taillights and has been tricked out to play horn and engine sounds, constructed from a staggering 165 layers of Lego bricks the BrickPony measures at over 15 feet long, nearly 6 feet wide and over 4 feet tall.

Just look at it, every detail has been faithfully recreated in brick form, from the Mustang’s iconic grille, to the old school retro style wheels, or modern as they were known in 1964.


Now I can only think that if Lego released this as a kit the instructions would be several thousand pages long and the box for all the pieces would be rather large.

I’m now off to search the loft for my old Lego and get started…….