Lamborghini has hit back at accusations they faked their Nürburgring lap record set by the new Huracan Performante.  Lamborghini R&D director Maurizio Reggiani has taken direct aim at skeptics who claim that the record was fabricated.

The Italian car maker managed to best Porsche by a huge 5 seconds with a time from the Huracan Performante of 6:52.01. This announcement was met with a large amount of questioning from the online car community over such matters as the tire selection, telemetry readings and the actual lap video itself

In a statement to Roadshow, Reggiani put the record straight to confirm that the Performante’s 6:52.01 time around the Nordschleife circuit was completely accurate. Lamborghini announced on 1st March laying their claim to the manufacturer’s record at the ‘Ring. The previous record was held by the Porsche 918 Hypercar with a time of 6:57 around the 12.8-mile course.

Reggiani has backed up the claim by providing an in-lap film showing test driver Marco Mapelli’s point of view, this along with the complete telemetry data which shows a wealth of information confirming the speed, location and gearing ratio’s.

One of the main cruxes of the online skepticism was that the Huracan Performante completed the lap on a special one off Pirelli Trofeo R tires. The Porsche 918 completed its record lap on its factory stock Michelin tires. Not the case states Reggiani, the Pirelli tire choice will be an option available to all customers and are therefore not one-off specials made just for the lap record.

The most pertinent question is how exactly did a car with such a huge power difference set such a quick lap time. The Huracan Performante, when pitted against the vastly more powerful 918, shows a huge power deficit (631bhp vs 875bhp) which merely added to the skepticism. Reggiani did indeed concede that the Huracan Performante not as quick when comparing top speed against the 918, he did confirm however that it is capable of higher cornering speeds thanks to the all-new Aerodynamica Lamborghini Attiva active aero system.

If all these confirmations wasn’t enough he also provided the GPS log from the record lap, this confirms the car’s progress around the track and continual elevation during the lap.

The Lamborghini Huracan Performante was unveiled to the public at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show and features a monstrous 631bhp version of the ‘standard’ Huracan’s 5.2-litre V10 engine.

Boasting a 0-62mph time of just 2.9 seconds going on to a 202mph top speed, the Huracan Performante will be available in the UK later this year, estimated price for all this speed starts at around £210,000.