So you have $5 million to spend on a car, you want rarity, mind-bending speed and something that no one else has, easy, this Koenigsegg One:1 fits the bill perfectly.

Koenigsegg One-1 4

This very expensive and very rare supercar is available for purchase at Prestige Imports, Florida. There are only 7 examples of the One:1 in the entire world, Koenigsegg retains at least one which recently crashed at the Nurburgring.

This example has only covered 495 miles since it rolled out of the Swedish carmaker’s factory, word has it that this One:1 has been at the dealership for two weeks now, generating significant interest from buyers and press alike. The One:1 produces 1,341 horsepower, this, funnily enough, is also the kerbweight of the car, hence a true one to one power to weight ratio giving rise to the One:1’s name.

A One:1 doesn’t really need advertising as it kinds of sells itself if you’re brave enough this car will potentially do a theoretical top speed of 273mph, this along with the horsepower and the price is a very big number.

Koenigsegg One-1 2

No word on how Prestige Imports got their hands on this One:1, it’s thought that this car is chassis 112, this was the car that was shown publically at the Monterey car week in 2015, it then may have made its way to a Miami-based tuning company in late 2015 before ending up in the hands of the Miami-based dealership.

Finding previously sold One:1’s is difficult, it’s thought that Koenigsegg’s own test mule was sold for $6 million dollars which makes the $5 million price tag a bargain of sorts.

Koenigsegg One-1 3

If you have deep enough pockets then you should get your private jet to take you to Florida as soon as possible, whichever way you look at this is roughly $3,730 per horsepower, this is a good price for so many wonderful horsepowers.